Thursday, 2 July 2009

Stunning poppies...shame to dig them out

I just spent half an hour weeding the 'roots' bed - I am hoping to sow some Autumn King Carrots and some beetroot in the next few days.

Amongst the huge triffids I found a couple of lovely looking poppies. White with a purple and yellow inner. Have tried to look up the variety but to no avail - if you recognise it, please let me know. It was a shame to dig them out but they had to go. I have re-planted them elsewhere in the garden but doubt they will like being moved especially in the 32 degree heat we have today.

Have taken a few shots of the garden as it is today...hope you like them.

Have had to pull a few more onions due to mildew - am praying the whole lot doesn't get it but not holding my breath.

Am scared to pull my spuds - the first earlies look great but the ones I forked out the other day had no spuds underneath?

This gardening lark is all trial and error isn't it. It is fun though and I am really enjoying it.

PS still don't know where my allotment is yet :o(